BACA: The Best Organization You’ve Never Heard Of

Bikers care about children too. Photo courtesy of Pixabay user babylass.

BACA, or Bikers Against Child Abuse, is a national organization that operates throughout the United States as well as other countries around the world.

Founded in 1995 in Utah by John Paul Lilly, this organization is dedicated to assisting children who have been physically or mentally abused and to providing them with comfort and safety. The men and women who comprise BACA are based all around the country, and they participate in a number of activities that help them work toward one goal: helping children.

These activities range from giving a child victim a vest and patches to show that they are a part of the BACA group all the way up to accompanying the child to a trial that would convict their abuser in order to make that child feel safe and comforted.

BACA also helps by having biker rallies and raising awareness in their communities, as well as going door to door to notify people about not only what BACA does, but also how community members can help the cause.

Another piece of their mission is to raise money for therapy for the child victims of abuse who may not be able to afford it. This ensures that any child they help feels safe and reassured, and that they have access to therapy if necessary.

Each member of BACA must have a motorcycle, a motorcycle license, and must go through a fingerprinted background check before becoming an active member of the group. This is to ensure that no abusers could infiltrate the organization.

Despite the stereotype that bikers are crude and unlawful, the members of BACA are extremely well-equipped for the job they do. Members of the organization attend a number of meetings and workshops about different subject matter, such as childhood trauma or the effects of child abuse. This gives each member of the group insight to the situations they deal with, as well as a greater understanding and a stronger set of skills to help any child more effectively.

Each member of BACA is also given access to a Licensed Mental Health Professional, who provides professional council and advice whenever necessary. This organization also works very closely with regional law enforcement not only ensure that the local authorities are involved, but also to strengthen police relationships with the organization. This allows for more information for both parties, and ultimately less child abuse.

The members of this organization are neighbors and could be any adult in your community, and their numbers are growing. BACA is a non-profit organization, and its main source of funds is through public donations. In order to donate to help the cause, or to become a member, visit their website here. If you are interested in joining the group, you must be at least eighteen years of age, have regular access to a motorcycle that can go the speed limit, and be willing to undergo a background check.