McDaniel’s Top Ink Choice

Photo courtesy of Lauren Trainor.

Tattoos have become socially normalized, appearing on everyone from our toughest football players to our actors on stage at school musicals and plays. Many McDaniel students sport them, and they aren’t afraid to show them off. When they want some fresh ink, however, the first place they turn to is Baltimore Street Tattoo.

Charles Freeland opened Baltimore Street Tattoo at 355 Baltimore Boulevard in 2007. He’s been working as a tattoo artist and tattoo machine builder for over two decades and has an intense passion for providing high-quality ink to his clients. In our interview, he said, “Our goal has always been to provide the finest body art professionals to help bring your ideas to life in a safe, comfortable environment.”

Freeland employees four tattoo artists at the Westminster location. They work a wide variety of hours in order to allow for walk-ins. Freeland said, “We see most walk-ins the day they come into the shop. We encourage them to consult their ideas with us.”

Baltimore Street Tattoo has a comfortable atmosphere that instantly makes you feel relaxed. They have couches, a TV, and Xbox in their waiting room. Each artist has tattoo album books with past works in it. They also have large posters with multiple tattoo designs.


Photo courtesy of Lauren Trainor.

With a location ten minutes from the college, Freeland’s staff see a lot of McDaniel Students. Freeland said, “We usually to 5 or 6 tattoos of local college students a month. We see a lot more than usually in the beginning and end of the school year as well.”

This is not surprising as college students across the country are getting more and more tattoos. Over 40% of college students across the country have tattoos, although only 30% claim to have them in a visible place. Freeland has seen his business boom in several other locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, all of them catering to college students.

Freshman Annie Simpson already had several tattoos before coming to college, but she wanted to add some more ink. She visited Baltimore Street Tattoo and got a sugar skull tattoo on her right shoulder. She said, “I had a really good experience, Beth was an awesome artist. I can’t wait to go back and get another tattoo.”

Simpson’s review seemed to be common according to Freeland. He claimed that most of his clients are repeat customers and come back for other piercings or tattoos.

To find out more information or to set up and appointment, visit the Baltimore Street Tattoo Facebook page here.