Student Chooses to Become Hobo Rather Than Pay for Housing

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

McDaniel students have discovered yet another innovative idea for saving money on room and board. Commuter student Fern Andrews made the decision to become a hobo in an attempt save money for food and tuition.

“It became the best option,” explains Andrews, “Although I do miss having one place to call home, the whole campus in my home now.”

Andrews became a commuter student last semester due to financial reasons. But because McDaniel is a resident-focused campus, with many events and organizational meetings taking place in the late evenings, she was forced to come up with another solution. The answer she found was being the college’s local hobo.

“There are a lot of couches at McDaniel,” Andrews comments, “which gives me many options for where to stay each night.”

The self-proclaimed hobo keeps all of her possessions in a small bag that she takes with her around campus; she is ready at a moment’s notice to set up camp in someone’s dorm room.

“Sometimes we take pity on her, even though we think it is weird,” say several of Andrews’ friends. “We let her stay and sleep in an actual dorm instead of creeping around campus at night.”

Andrews hopes to be able to continue her hobo life, although she hopes to be able to expand her dining options. “Living off of Mountain Dew and breadsticks smuggled from Glar leaves much to be desired,” she admits sadly.