Those meddling Free Press reporters sent to Budapest for a semester to give administration “a break”

I have no affiliation with these people (Molly Sherman / McDaniel Free Press).

Semester after semester, the Free Press staff has criticized the decisions of the Administration and asked for more and more communication. But no longer! The Administration has sent the entire Free Press staff on sabbatical to McDaniel Budapest to write about whatever goes on at our satellite campus, because frankly, who knows?

This decision was declared by Administration after a Free Press writer wrote a commentary on a decision by the school to get rid of Hoover Library’s collection of physical books and media at a yard sale.

“Enough is enough” said the Administration after reading this article and declared the entire writing staff be banished to Budapest on sabbatical. There, the Free Press can write about other issues in Budapest and “give the Administration” a break for once.

More details will not be coming out about this story.