Tu Style Salon and Barbershop prides itself in creating community

Tu Style Salon and Barbershop is located at 18 John St. in Westminster, Md. (Molly Sherman / McDaniel Free Press).

For a long time, the only person to cut Jordan Parry’s hair was his mom until he went to get his hair cut by a woman from Mexico, who had been cutting hair since her junior year in high school. Little did he know that the first person to cut his hair other than his mom would become his wife, Lorenia. Today, the two run Tu Style Salon and Barbershop on John Street.

They are attracting the people of Westminster with what Parry describes as a “modern barbershop experience.” The establishment is building a hub for creativity and community, inclusive of a diverse array of customers and artists.

Tu Style kicked off in 2014 with a single suite salon on John Street. Realizing a need for more space, the business expanded into the neighboring suite. In February of 2019, the new area was completely renovated into a barbershop to serve the abundance of male clientele coming in. Since adding the extra space, they have been rapidly attracting many new customers in the area.

This new area, with its modern, masculine look, contrasts the warm ambiance of the adjacent salon. Silver accented black leather chairs sit confidently in front of the Husky brand lockers, all illuminated by ring lights standing squarely in each corner. The space showcases the work of the barbers and makes a place where men can feel comfortable caring for their appearance and self.

Parry, reflecting on the products of the barbers, notes that the place “looks like an art gallery more than a barbershop.”

The environment has been able to attract workers. They find the place on their own, like one Westminster local and perfectionist at his craft, Quinton. He had been considering a place more local to him to work at and, in noticing the then freshly installed barber polls, he walked from his home just down the street to visit the shop and ask questions. Today, you can find him honing his craft from the middle chair in the barbershop, among many other talented workers.

“They are all just perfectionists… everyone in here, this is their passion,” Parry said admiringly. “There is not a single person in here that is just doing this for a paycheck.”

The shop’s social media showcases just how meticulous and passionate the staff is in every cut, stroke, and color. High quality pictures adorn their Facebook and Instagram accounts featuring the artists, their work, and the customers that come in to experience a high-quality chop close to home.

On a busy day, all of the stations fill in and jubilant conversation swirls in the air. When making an appointment, users have an array of services to choose from. Tu Style offers their customers cuts, fades, designs, colors, nail services, and much more. Westminster has welcomed the business with open arms, embracing the space and its many amenities.

Additionally, Tu Style does their part to return the love. They have provided entire baseball teams with hair cuts and are interested in doing more for local sports teams and organizations. They even offer complimentary beer to customers on the weekends.

At Tu Style Salon and Barbershop, it is all about looking good, feeling good, and good company. Some may think that getting a haircut is just an errand to check off but here, it is about bringing people together and artists sharing their passion and creativity with the world.