Meatless Mondays: Yay or Nay?

Spencer Fothergill: Junior

“I didn’t go to glar when I heard about meatless Monday. I think it is absolutely crazy. The fact that we pay the amount of money we do to go here and they can’t give us all 5 good groups. Its not like the quality of the meats is good anyway. A balanced meal, all parts that are supposed to be there, were not there. It’s not like the school is majorly vegetarian or something,  it’d be different if a higher percent of the student population was.”


Hillary Deweese: Junior

I’m getting really tired hearing everyone complain about meatless Monday. It was put in to place so that vegetarians can have at least one day a week where they don’t have to worry about what food they’ll be able to eat in glar. I don’t see the big deal. Is everyone really super attached to glar mystery meat that we can’t live without it for just one meal a week? Come on, people. Let’s find something else to complain about.


Garrett Schey: Sophomore

“I didn’t eat in glar because I knew it was MM and wanted my protein. So I had a chicken cheesesteak in the pub instead. I think MM is a good idea, but it should be optional.”


Ashley Rogers: Freshman

“I was eating dinner tonight, I went to glar, and I really wanted pepperoni pizza, and it’s pork, it’s meat, I can’t get pepperoni pizza on meatless Mondays. And I understand there are vegetarians at the school and I respect their decision, however, it is a decision not everyone choses to make and we have the vegan bar, we have vegetable only dishes, so I don’t understand why it had to be like this.”


Hannah van der Veken: Junior

Meatless Monday is the best. It’s only one meal a day for non meat eaters to be without meat and its really important because just serving one meatless meal saves a lot of animals from being slaughtered. It’s better for the environment too. I think people complaining is really sad because as a vegetarian I don’t complain every other day there is meat so one meatless meal is going to hurt anyone. And its nice to have a meal that opens up tons of options for me. That’s my opinion


Ian Danquah: Sophomore

“I didn’t like meatless Monday, it was a great idea but it wasn’t overall great.  The food they had tonight looked good but it didn’t taste well and it wasn’t planned very well. It was a good idea to try something different, but a lot of people eat chicken, pork or whatever. But to go without meat was an interesting choice and wasn’t successful.“

Agustina Rius: Sophomore

“I really loved it! I was really happy with it because I already try to go meatless at least once a week and this really helped me so much because it was like a sense of I could finally do it. I didn’t feel pressured at all and I really thought the food options were really good. I was really happy with it.”




Katie Caulfield: Senior

“I am really glad for meatless Mondays it’s also really sustainable because we are not wasting as much money on meat or increasing demand on factory farming and such. I’m not a full on vegetarian but I still think its a great idea.





3 Comments on "Meatless Mondays: Yay or Nay?"

  1. Daniel Valentin-Morales | November 7, 2012 at 11:39 am |

    I thought meatless monday was great. I didn’t go but only because I didn’t know about it. Besides, the dependency we have on meat is ridiculous, I’m not a vegetarian but even I realize the ridiculous amount of meat we consume as a society, and it’s an amount that we don’t need and isn’t necessarily healthy for us. A little meat here or there is fine, but meat for every meal, is not good.

  2. I am going to ask a very basic question here. Is Meatless Monday a vegetarian thing or an Animal Welfare thing?? I have done research on the US Food Industry and I have found that most Americans (McDaniel students and alum included) have NO IDEA where their meat comes from. In other words, I applaud the Animal Welfare Club for going through with this, but I must caution them for not looking into where Glar and its supplier (sysco?) gets their Meat from.

  3. Joseph T Wright | December 22, 2012 at 3:12 pm |

    Outside of any vegetarian or animal welfare related actions, Katie hit the nail on the head. The sheer impact environmentally from meat production is SO much greater then any sort of vegetable production, even when severe intensification is in play. Meatless Monday is chance for the student population to suck it up and do something good, not for ourselves, but for everyone.

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