Resources on the Hill

Hoover Library is equipped with computers, group spaces, a silent floor, and reference librarians.

Welcome to McDaniel, class of 2017! You can expect to find a lot of freedom and independence while you’re here on the Hill, but there are plenty of organizations, offices and people on campus who can help you out when it comes to your academic and personal success. Here are some of the most useful ones.

Hoover Library is equipped with computers, group spaces, a silent floor, and reference librarians.

Hoover Library is one of the most useful places on campus. The library’s five floors have a variety of workspaces, so with a little exploration, you might find that your perfect study spot is somewhere in Hoover (and if you still can’t find one, ongoing renovations in the library to create even more workspaces might change that). The lower level is a silent floor, and three floors have study rooms that you can use for group study (to use one of the third floor technology-enhanced study rooms, you’ll have to make a reservation at the circulation desk at the front of the library). You can find computers on the first floor and in the separate 24-hour computer lab—to have after-hours access to this lab, you’ll need to have your student ID activated at Campus Safety.

McDaniel’s reference librarians are some of the most helpful people you’ll ever meet, and you can find one at the reference desk on the first floor. They can help you find lots of resources for your academic work and your personal needs. To search McDaniel’s books, movies and databases, ask a librarian a question, and much more, visit

The Writing Center is a resource for students of all majors who want to improve their written work at any stage of the writing process. McDaniel’s writing center employs 14 peer writing tutors who are trained to guide students through brainstorming, outlining, rough and final drafts and even resumes. To find out more, visit

The Center for Experience and Opportunity was created last year to be your one-stop shop for everything related to campus employment, community service, volunteering opportunities and career guidance, exploration and searching. Commonly known as the CEO office, this is a great place to come if you need help creating or revising a resume or improving your job interview skills. They also have a great resource library to help you find information on grad school, scholarships and fellowships. You can schedule a CEO appointment by visiting the CEO office in the basement of Rouzer, emailing or calling 410-871-3305. They also have walk-in hours from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday through Friday. It’s never too early in your academic career to stop by and talk about your future!

The Office of Student Engagement, also called OSE, organizes many school-sponsored events throughout the year, such as movies, crafts and more. This is also the place to go if you want to start a club or revive one that’s been forgotten. You can find OSE in on the lower level of Decker, across from Glar.

OrgSync is a website that can help you learn more about offices on campus, such as OSE and Residence Life, and keep you updated on events happening on campus. It’s also a place for you to find student organizations and a tool that some of those organizations use to keep in touch with their members. To visit OrgSync, go

Student Academic Support Services, known across campus as SASS, is an office on campus that provides academic support to students who have notified the office of their documented learning disabilities. They serve these students by hiring student note-takers and tutors, providing testing accommodations, helping students get organized, offering ASL interpreting services and more. Sometimes, they’re also able to assist students without documented disabilities when short-term issues, such as a broken arm, arise. To get in touch with SASS, visit their office at 117 Merritt Hall, email or call 410-857-2504.

The Wellness Center is the place on campus to go if you’re feeling under the weather, if you sustain a minor injury, or you’re in need of a variety of other routine medical services. The Wellness Center also provides short-term individual and group counseling services to students having a tough time transitioning to college life, having difficulty coping with a significant life event, having trouble with domestic or relationship abuse or facing other challenges. You can find the Wellness Center on the second floor of Winslow Hall. To schedule an appointment, call 410-857-2243.

Campus Safety does a lot to keep the McDaniel community safe and secure. You can call Campus Safety if you’re locked out of your room, you need to be escorted from one location of campus to another, or if any security, fire or medical emergencies happen. You can also reserve your spot on one of the many shuttle services campus safety offers to local stores and the Owings Mills and Shady Grove metros. Campus Safety is located on the first floor of Winslow Center and you can reach them by calling 410-857-2202 – it’s a great idea to add this number to your phone contacts. You can also subscribe to IRIS Alerts and follow Campus Safety on Facebook and Twitter (@McDanielDoCS) for safety and weather updates.