McBlackout Twitter Roundup

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user irfamahmad.

McDaniel students took to Twitter almost as soon as the power first went out on Sunday, and they didn’t stop. Throughout the week, Twitter has become a forum for all sorts of reactions to the campus-wide power outages, from the misery of having no power to the excitement and frustration of having so many classes canceled, and students adopted the hashtag #McBlackout in the process.

You could spend quite a while sifting through every single McBlackout tweet out there. But why do that when you can take a look at some of the funniest McBlackout tweets McDaniel students–and yes, even Glar–had to offer.


McBlackout Day One: Sunday Nov. 10

Students quickly became bored.

mcblackout 1



And they felt as though we had suddenly been transported to another century.

mcblackout 2



But puns were in order!

mcblackout 3


McBlackout Day Two: Monday Nov. 11

By the second day of the McBlackout, the fun was already starting to wear off.

mcblackout 4



And things were becoming dire.

mcblackout 5



After 30 hours, things were looking pretty bad…

mcblackout 6



…but then lots of people got their power back and things were better. For the time being…

mcblackout 7


mcblackout 8



McBlackout Day Three: Tuesday Nov. 12

Some students were still without power by the third day of McBlackout, but they were starting to get used to things.

mcblackout 9



But then we found out that the power was going to go back away on Wednesday night so repairs could take place. The McBlackout would continue!

mcblackout 12



McBlackout Day Four: Wednesday Nov. 13

By the fourth day of McBlackout, the electricity was unpredictable and students were seeking alternatives to pizza in Glar.

mcblackout 10


McBlackout Day Five: Thursday Nov. 14

Even with the power back throughout campus early Thursday evening, Glar had to get in on the McBlackout comedy action by posting this awfully wonderful gem:

mcblackout 11