Wine in Westminster

Photo by Lauren Trainor.

This weekend, a community larger than McDaniel’s entire student population gathered on the grounds of the Carroll County Farm Museum to eat, and more importantly, to drink wine.

The 33rd Annual Maryland Wine Festival of Carroll County took place on September 17th and 18th. If you were not part of the crowd of thousands of people of all different ages, you missed out.

The crowd at the Annual Maryland Wine Festival of Carroll County. Photo by Lauren Trainor.

The crowd at the Annual Maryland Wine Festival of Carroll County. Photo by Lauren Trainor.

“I love being able to try all sorts of wine,” says Jen Wilson, a volunteer from Solomons Island Mist Winery. “My favorite from this winery is the rose infused wine. It’s not as sweet as our others, but it’s so interesting to drink knowing that it is infused with real roses.”

With the wide variety of wineries, there were so many different flavors of wine for the taste buds to explore—some of which, before the festival, few would have thought to try. Each winery provided whites and reds, sweets and dries, and some even provided ciders and sangria.

With its perfect location, only 10 minutes away from McDaniel’s campus, the Wine Festival attracts many students each year. Alumni even use it as an excuse to come visit their friends on campus.

Kristen Lloyd, a 2016 alumna of McDaniel, said, “It’s a great way to connect with people you haven’t been able to see since graduation. I love being able to let loose and simply enjoy each other’s company.”


McDaniel senior Christina Kowalski, left, with Kristen Loyd, class of 2016. Photo by Lauren Trainor.

The event attracts not only students, but also local residents of Carroll County, and people from all over Maryland.

Wilson stated that the event “is a fellowship of people gathering together to have a great time and sip on some wine!”

This festival began in 1984 at the Shriver Homestead in Union Mills, but quickly outgrew that location and moved to the Carroll County Farm Museum. The event hosts over 30 wineries and supplies its guests with endless options for food, including a cheese pavilion, as well as with an abundance of activities. The general admission ticket of $27 includes admission into the festival and an engraved wine glass for the unlimited wine tastings.

So next year when September is approaching and you’re not sure what to do with your weekend, keep this event in mind. It’s a perfect way to spend your Saturday or Sunday, the weather around this time is absolutely beautiful, and sipping on wine is never a bad time—as long as you drink responsibly!