McDaniel Dictionary

(Image courtesy of Pixabay user PublicDomainPictures).

You’ve done it: moved in, tackled your first classes. Though most of the heavy lifting is over, it can still be a challenge to navigate the first few weeks of the semester at a new school—and that’s okay. You’re walking through unfamiliar buildings, trying to keep track of classmates’ names, and learning…vocabulary?

Exactly. There is a lingo exclusive to McDaniel students: a collection of nicknames and slang that has its roots right here on the Hill. A touch quirky, and at times altogether confusing, McDaniel’s language comes naturally to returning students, and being familiar with it will help your start here run smoothly.

ANW—short for Albert Norman Ward Hall. This residence hall for upperclassmen is next to Gill Gymnasium.

Blanche—short for Blanche Ward Hall. This residence hall, down the brick walkway from Whiteford Hall (the two buildings’ L shapes mirror each other), houses upperclassmen, but no elevators—students can get quite a workout climbing to the top floors.

BMC—short for Baker Memorial Chapel, also known as Big Baker. This building is between Lewis Hall and Hoover Library. The basement is home to the world language, philosophy, and religious studies departments; upstairs are pews and a stage for concerts and ceremonies (including orientation).

Campo­—slang for the campus police. Their office is located on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Decker—could mean one of two locations. The Decker Auditorium is in Lewis Hall; the Decker College Center is on the opposite end of campus next to Rouzer Hall (in here students find the Ensor Lounge, post office, bookstore, and dining hall).

DMC—short for Daniel MacLea Hall. Located across from ANW, it houses primarily Honors and transfer students.

Gardens—the Gardens Apartments, located behind Rouzer Hall. Half have kitchens; half do not.

Glar—short for Englar Dining Hall, which is located on the first floor of the Decker Student Center. The food is (sometimes) better than the questionable nickname.

Little Baker—a small chapel adjacent to Peterson Hall (McDaniel’s art building). Inside are colorful stained-glass windows; Little Baker also hosts a number of student performances each year, such as flute choir and the Madrigal Singers.

PA Ave—Pennsylvania Avenue. This road borders the east side of campus and most on-campus houses are located along the route.

Red Square—the brick plaza between Hoover Library and Hill Hall that is—literally—a red square. Its proper name is Memorial Plaza. Students ring the bell here during orientation ceremonies and again on their graduation day.

The Portal—the McDaniel Portal. A website where students use their McDaniel login credentials to access email, Blackboard (the widely-used site for grades and assignments), financial aid, and more.

It doesn’t take long for all these to start rolling off the tongue. Like every unfamiliar building and each one of your classmates’ names, McDaniel’s key words will stick easily in your memory as you steer through the semester.

Cheers to Fall 2017.