Food Sunday: Offering Carroll County a helping hand

Photo by Claire Cappuccilli.

Carroll County’s Food Sunday has been feeding families in our community since 1982. In recent years, they have had help from McDaniel College students.

The service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO) completed volunteer work at Carroll County’s Food Sunday in preparation for Thanksgiving.

“I enjoy doing volunteer work in Carroll County, it gives me a chance to get away from campus and help the members of our community,” said senior and APO member Kelsey Golias.

In past years, holiday preparation was done on campus. Students helped prepare for bag fluffing events by placing a bag within another bag so they would be ready to fill at Food Sunday. This year, students went down to Food Sunday to fill the bags.

“We had McDaniel students put the food in a bag and place them in a wire basket and set aside for distribution,” said Denis Fahey, the food bank coordinator. “We normally prepare the food packages a week before the holiday so they have time to come and pick it up.”

“We have been mostly packing Thanksgiving foods to hand out,” Golias said. The holiday packages include goods like stuffing, green beans, sweat potatoes, corn and brownies.

Food Sunday is a non-profit organization that dedicates its time to providing food to families in need around Carroll County. They distribute weekly grocery packages, which include meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, bread and milk.

“We like to get themed packages,” said Fahey. “We suggest a breakfast theme or Italian. This is something that we do not normally handout.”

Food Sunday has been in operation since 1982, and is running with the efforts of volunteers and members of the community. They receive funding through community fundraisers and direct mail solicitation. They also receive donations from individuals, schools, service organizations, churches and local grocery stores.

“Items we rarely get are foods that are kid friendly,” said Fahey. “We don’t get cereals with a lot of sugar in it, Frosted Flakes, things like that. Another thing is canned fruit or meats.”

With three locations, in Westminster, Eldersburg and Taneytown, they are able to serve 400 families a week.

“One food package serves a family of two to three, two packages will go to a family of four to six and three packages will go to a family of seven or more,” said Golias. “One package is meant to last four days.”

“During the holidays is when we need volunteers the most,” Fahey said.

Volunteers typically help with food drives and inventory help. McDaniel students are able to help with holiday preparation; however, they leave campus right before Christmas.

“I look forward to Saturdays,” said Sijui Kama Bartrum, a senior and member of APO. “I have fun going to Food Sunday with my friends and putting together meals for those in need.”