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Innovate against climate change

Humans are negatively contributing to environmental pollution and that’s no secret. Neither is the fact that environmental conditions, like climate change, are only getting worse. But with enough innovation and…


McComics: April 28

Another print issue means another round of comics! This time you’ll find below comics following the theme of “The Ocean” by Hannah Maxwell and Nathan Wright.  

Will Giles with teammates from the men's tennis team. | Photo courtesy of Erin Giles

Will Giles named interim tennis head coach

After former Head Tennis Coach Jason Clark stepped down from coaching before the beginning of the spring season, Graduate Assistant Coach Will Giles was appointed as the interim head coach.  As a former player for…

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Thought-out decisions in politics

Politics has always been a hot-button issue in the United States of America and today it has been even more prevalent in everyday conversations. However, recent news has proved, to…

Sisters from Alpha Sigma Tau sorority at Relay for Life 2018. (Photo courtesy of McDaniel Relay for Life).

College to host annual Relay for Life

The College will host its annual Relay for Life event on Friday, April 26. The fundraiser brings members of the McDaniel community together to raise funds for the American Cancer…

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The hidden meanings in horror films

When you watch a movie, how often do you question the meaning behind it? For decades, filmmakers have incorporated symbolic references to real-world events in their work while still providing…