Student Gets Hair Cut Short over Break, Is Unhappy

McDaniel College Junior Bradley Heavner went to Florida for Spring Break to visit his grandparents. Having let his hair grow out all winter to keep warm, he decided it was time for a change.

“My hair gets really bushy and thick, so when I went to Florida and it was hot and muggy, I cut a lot of it off.”

Many students do this over Spring Break to prepare for the warmer weather. Students get nice haircuts and then leave their jeans and corduroys at home and bring back shorts, t-shirts and skirts. Heavner is no exception. This year, however, things did not go as planned.

“When we came back it was immediately cold,” he complained. “My head was freezing on my walks to class and I hate it.”

On Tuesday, March 25, students woke up to light snowfall, and by 11am it was beginning to accumulate. Many were upset with this, as people wanted the Winter weather to be done with. Students turned to Twitter to express their opinions.

@JenniFromThaBlock: “Are you kidding me?! Snow AGAIN?!


@TemptationofAdam: “2 cold to go to class fug that”


@Haley_Marie_That’sMe: “Ughh I slipped walking to class cuz nobody cleared the walk, Thanks a lot McDaniel”


@BlazinSaddlez0420: “I thought Spring brake meant SPRING, like damn


Students have adjusted, and have been simply wearing hats and jackets due to the weather.

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