Writer of the Week: A New Column within the Arts & Culture Section

After revisiting the mission statement of my section, I noticed that I have not been fully acknowledging the vision established by Teal Koch, creator of the Arts & Culture section.

Even though we—and I say we because this has been a collaborative effort between me and the reporters of my section—have done a good job at keeping up with arts and culture at McDaniel, we feel that we have neglected to acknowledge the outside world.

Our number of articles regarding music, movies, tv shows, art exhibitions, and other cultural events outside of McDaniel have considerably decreased in the past couple of semesters. Of course, this does not mean that the quality of our section has decreased; to the contrary, it has increased in value because we have focused our energy and creativity on reporting what happens at our home, at McDaniel College.

But I believe it is time to once again shift our focus to the outside world, while maintaining a close eye to life at McDaniel. For this reason, I offer you this special column: Writer of the Week.

Writer of the Week is a column with the sole intention of expanding student’s awareness of authors—whether they be fiction writers, memoir writers, essayists, etc.—as well as providing more information about authors and genres of literature that are not well-known.

Each week, on Thursdays, we will provide you with a new author, along with a brief bio, suggested works by this author, and reasons to why you should be reading this author.

Because this is the school’s newspaper—which is done for students and by students—we value your opinion. Thus, if you have any authors you believe we should talk about, send us your opinions at either freepress@mcdaniel.edu or jac025@mcdaniel.edu.