Bustling job fair attracts McDaniel professors

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay user LoggaWiggler).

The Forum was filled to capacity last week at McDaniel’s spring job fair, which recruiters say not only drew students, but their professors. 

Teddy “Ted” Edwards of Random House was surprised — and delighted — to find such a wide variety of job candidates at the Westminster campus.

“I’ve been coming here to meet students for years,” says the human resources manager, “but have never had the pleasure of meeting so many professors, too. They’re such interesting people!” 

Indeed, professors made up the largest new demographic group at the annual job fair. Seven tenured and tenure-track professors in art history, German, French, music, deaf education, and religious studies, all recently offered severance packages by the administration, stood alongside their students at the recruiting tables. Cutting faculty appears to be central to President Casey’s vision for the future of the College. 

Speaking from his Manhattan apartment, Casey expressed excitement about the job fair’s growth.

“Whether I am on a cruise ship heading to Antarctica or in a vintage convertible being driven around Havana, I am always sharing with others what great employees McDaniel College graduates make,” he said. “Now I get to express the same enthusiasm about our professors.”