Where in Westminster: The Yellow Door

The Yellow Door is located at 133 E Main St. in Westminster. (Laurel Pogue / McDaniel Free Press).

Down on Main Street, a yellow door distinctively stands out, and inside is a unique local business. Taylor Stetson, the owner of The Yellow Door, has been selling comic books and vinyl records online since 2003, through his eBay-based shop Pop Culture Antiques.

The door actually came first, and the shop was named after what would act as a recognizable landmark for customers.

Why both records and games? Stetson cites friends who play Dungeons & Dragons as an inspiration, and says that “the only thing more fun than music and games is listening to music while you play games!”

Westminster has no shortage of small locally-owned businesses, and Stetson feels that “Westminster has a lot of untapped potential.”

He hopes to “create a community-based business for people of all ages to meet new people, play new games and hear new music.”

With the holidays approaching, he looks forward to the new games being released, and also adds that new vinyls come in weekly, so the offerings in the store are always expanding.

When asked about the potential challenges of starting a small business, he said that difficulty can arise in marketing and social media.

“It’s easy to get people you already know to follow you, getting people you don’t know is the key to success,” Stetson said.

He hopes to keep creating events that the community will be excited for as the business continues, and encourages everyone to give it a try.

“Stop in. Buy a soda and play a game,” he said. “You’ll leave happy!”