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McBlackout 2013

Check out this video where students on campus relive their experiences during the recent McBlackout!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user T_ushar.

A Soundtrack for Any Situation

Feeling stressed? Anxious? I’m not going to tell you to go to the wellness center. No, I’m going to tell you to grab your headphones and click this link:…


Global Diners: Celebrating Africa

Each year, the McDaniel College Community has a chance to get in touch with African culture through the Celebrating Africa dinner organized by the Africa’s Legacy club. Celebrating Africa began…


Blackout Hits Campus

On Sunday Nov. 10, students at McDaniel College began to experience power outages around campus and in their dorms. The issue continued to develop through Thursday evening, inconveniencing student, faculty,…

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November Horoscopes

  Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Beware of rain for the next few weeks, you’re likely to melt. You’re at risk of losing your eyebrows today, but the story…

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NFL Week 11 Predictions

We’re picking the winners of the Week 11 NFL games. Do you agree with us? Comment on the article and give us your feedback. Thursday 11/14 COLTS VS. TITANS Kelsey…

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An Evening with Wally Lamb

Best-selling fiction author, Wally Lamb, came to the Carroll Arts Center on Friday, Oct. 25. The event was sold out and the house was full—with women, as well as some…


Sculpture Unveiling with a Hero

A variety of citizens gathered in the Carroll Arts Center to see retired CIA officer and current artist Tony Mendez on Friday, Nov. 8. Accompanying him was his son, Toby,…


A Day in the Life: Homecoming 2013

Homecoming is always a fun time of year, with all the alumni who come back to spend time with those of us who yet to graduate. It’s a nice way…

60 Seconds

60 Seconds: Bucket Lists

We asked six members of the McDaniel class of 2017, “What are five items on your bucket list?”   Kevin Rosenthal 1. Go to a World Cup 2. Visit the…


The Lighter Side of Campus Safety

I apologize for the delay in publishing The Lighter Side. Last week the incident report system was not working and there was nothing available for me to write about. DOCS…

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user TeroVasalainen.

The Freshman 15 Issue

So it’s your freshman year of college and the nerves are kicking in. Am I going to make friends? How hard will my classes be? How do I do my…


Zombies in Westminster

While McDaniel students enjoyed Homecoming festivities on Saturday, Oct. 19, local runners were having their own fun. These runners, however, had some motivation from which the football team might have…


Coping With Long Distance Friendships

If you’re anything like me, you still spend your free nights Skyping your friends from back home. Maybe you’ve found your niche in college life by now and you’ve made…


Gotham is Closer Than You Think

A little more than a 10-minute walk from the heart of campus, just past the warmth of CUP but before the striped barber’s poles of Cal Bloom’s Barber Shoppe, lies…


French Week Arrives at McDaniel

If Paris has ever been a dream destination of yours, you’re in luck because McDaniel’s French Club is bringing France to the Hill! French Week is Nov. 4 to Nov….

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user irfamahmad.


There’s a line in The Great Gatsby where Jordan Baker is comparing large and small social gatherings and she remarks, “…I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties…