Election 2016

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The Path Forward

Although Donald Trump did not win the popular vote, he did win the electoral vote, bringing him to presidency. With the results of the presidential election, many Americans might face…

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Why I’m Still with Her

I’ve already sent my ballot in, as I hope most non-local college students have. I sent it in weeks ago, and I voted for Hillary Clinton for President. And I…

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Anyone But Trump

I truly have nothing truly original to say about Donald Trump anymore. I could call him a misogynist, a xenophobe, or even say he’s the spawn of Satan, but people…

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Trump Supporters: A Stigma

Editor’s note: this article was written before the string of sexual assault allegations regarding Mr. Trump. Geraci has not withdrawn his support. Among their generally more left-leaning peers, young Trump…

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Donald Trump: Idiot or Genius?

When asked to describe Donald Trump, perhaps for many the words “idiot,”  “racist,”  or “orange” come to mind; however, maybe the word “genius” will prove to be more fitting. While his campaign…

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Falling Down the Hill

The first week of my junior year was hard. Not because my classes are overwhelming, nor readjusting to Glar. It doesn’t even relate to my attempts at salvaging my neglected social life….

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Reasons to Get in a Voting Booth

Now, I know many of you will not vote today. Voter turnout in the United States is notoriously low, especially in primary contests. And even with year seeing an uptick…