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The Yellow Door is located at 133 E Main St. in Westminster. (Laurel Pogue / McDaniel Free Press).

Where in Westminster: The Yellow Door

Down on Main Street, a yellow door distinctively stands out, and inside is a unique local business. Taylor Stetson, the owner of The Yellow Door, has been selling comic books…

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay user Pexels). update to launch Fall 2019

For the past year, a new website for has been in development. The cross-campus team that has worked on this project included representatives from “all divisions on campus,” including…

The new printers in Hoover Library work with students' PaperCut accounts. (Marya Kuratova / McDaniel Free Press).

I.T. implements campus-wide updates

Over the summer and in the past few weeks, the McDaniel networks have undergone a few changes and had several instances of maintenance. The I.T. department has sent out regular…


McComics: April 28

Another print issue means another round of comics! This time you’ll find below comics following the theme of “The Ocean” by Hannah Maxwell and Nathan Wright.  

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay user DariuszSankowski).

The hidden meanings in horror films

When you watch a movie, how often do you question the meaning behind it? For decades, filmmakers have incorporated symbolic references to real-world events in their work while still providing…


McComics: March

With spring theoretically on the horizon, this week’s comics from Nathan Wright, Clint Wright, and Olivia Culver are following the theme of “springtime” and can be read below.

McComics Feb (1)

McComics: February 24

With the second print issue of the semester upon us, it is time for the second batch of McComics! This week’s theme was love, and below you will see comics…

(Photo courtesy Flickr user celebrityabc).

S.O.S.: Find Fenty Music

It has been two years since Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty has released an album, and let’s just say her Rihanna Navy – the name of her fan group – is not too…