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Debate #3: Foreign Policy

Last night’s third and final presidential debate was on foreign policy, a subject which usually matters little to voters. As James Carville put it during Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, what…

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Campaign Platforms for College Students

As election time grows nearer, students at McDaniel have started to become more politically active than usual. Watching President Obama and Mitt Romney deliver campaign speeches on television and researching…


Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review

For the past several weeks, the number one book in America has been the incredibly popular ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, by E.L. James. For those of you who don’t know,…

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Media Literacy

College is like its own little world, and it makes you forget that there is another world outside. This is not very good for a college student because you could…

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Cyber Bullying: The Technological Hurt

Cyber bullying is a form of threatening that happens through different technology. It can be the sending of mean, threatening, and hurtful messages through e-mail, text message and social media…

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My Father the Refugee

The threat of a storm is gathering in the East, yet we in the West remain oblivious. Tensions between Iran and Israel are edging the two nations closer to a…

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My Personal View on Same-Sex Marriage

With the recent passage of the same-sex marriage bill signed by Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley, it seems Maryland is heading towards social understanding and equality while leaving some other states,…

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Archway Woes

A lot of us here have experienced troubles with the Archway. And it seems that at least once a semester, it crashes during registration. Students get angry when this happens….

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We are not at peace with North Korea

One of the first things that has come to my mind when hearing about the North Korean missile launch is how stupidly everyone is reacting to the crisis.  People are…


Why the divide?

So, by now, the article that was released by the Carroll County Times on Monday, March 26th has spread across campus via the internet and word-of-mouth and a consensus among…