Sarah Hull


From The Archives: October

This year, we’re digging through the newspaper archives! McDaniel’s student newspaper has gone by many names through the decades: The Black and White, The Gold Bug, Scrimshaw, The Phoenix, and, of course, The McDaniel…


Debunking the Bunker

We’ve all heard the rumors surrounding the supposed bunker beneath Lewis. Countless students maintain that the President of the United States (or was it Congress?) would be shuttled to Westminster…


McBlackout 2013

Check out this video where students on campus relive their experiences during the recent McBlackout!


Zombies in Westminster

While McDaniel students enjoyed Homecoming festivities on Saturday, Oct. 19, local runners were having their own fun. These runners, however, had some motivation from which the football team might have…

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user Free-Photos.

Upcoming Concerts: A Crowd Onstage

There’s something infectious about the energy of a band with a lot of members. The stage is a flurry of activity: feet tap, heads bob, and hands slam, strum, smack,…

Found under the stairs of the Pub in Decker Center.

Graffiti Around the Hill

Graffiti, the anonymous artwork painted, scribbled, and etched into the bare surfaces of the urbanized world, is an indispensable form of expression. There is certainly something to be said for…