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Reasons to Get in a Voting Booth

Now, I know many of you will not vote today. Voter turnout in the United States is notoriously low, especially in primary contests. And even with year seeing an uptick…

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An Interview with Candidate Will Jawando

“I’m the only millennial in the race,” says Will Jawando, Democratic Primary candidate in Maryland’s 8th District, “and along with that comes student debt.” In his campaign, Jawando has focused…

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Who is Obama’s New Supreme Court Pick?

President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill the seat vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia has already begun to cause some controversy. But who is Garland, what is…

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Tuesday, Tuesday

The Super Tuesday contests are over, and, with the results in, a few trends become immediately clear. Two candidates in particular favored very well, while many others floundered and now…

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The Great Carolinian Demographics Game

The candidates in the Democrat primary had their first fight in the South, and the results, while expected, highlighted major demographic divides. Hillary Clinton took the state in a rout,…

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Palmetto Pugilism

The GOP duked it out in the recent South Carolina primary, and the results were, in a number of ways, notable and game changing. Frontrunners continued their momentum, and secondary…

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Fear and Loathing in the Caucus

With the Nevada caucuses now complete (on both the GOP and Democrat sides), both sides, more or less, have continued the progression expected by most analysts and voters. However, a…

Requiem for a Justice

“Scalia had a very real talent of writing biting, trenchant, sometimes even memorable opinions either in the majority or in the minority,” states McDaniel Political Science Professor Dr. Herb Smith….