Dawn Pritchard, owner of Silver Linings Lavender. Photo by Gunnar Ward.

Westminster’s field of purple flowers

Before even walking through the doors of Silver Linings Lavender, customers are welcomed by the scents — and sense — of being surrounded by lavender in a field of vibrant purple flowers….

(Kyle Parks / McDaniel Free Press)

20 percent by 2020: Three years in

In the fall of 2014, during the lunchtime rush at Englar Dining Hall, President Roger Casey and Beth Gerl, the vice president of student affairs and dean of students, signed…

Dr. Watley. Photo by Tiffany Afoakwa.

Dr. Erin Watley: Fitting into McDaniel

“If you don’t see something being done, then you’ll think that you can’t accomplish it. If you don’t see a young black professor that’s a doctor, then you may think…

Photo via Pixabay.

Dance Marathon comes to McDaniel College

McDaniel College has a new organization making its way to campus. Dance Marathon is a nationwide philanthropic event with the purpose of fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). This organization supports…

Photo courtesy of Robert Arroyo.

A man who could have lived

When I was seven I lost my father to colon cancer. My goal for telling his story is one, to establish my father as a real person and two, to…

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Anxiety through one person’s eyes

My journey with anxiety, like many others, started at a young age. I remember hearing stories from my parents that I now laugh at, about the doctors telling them they’ve…

Image courtesy of Pixabay user michaelwedermann.

The new Olympic sports

The winter Olympics are fast approaching, and nowhere can this be felt more than in Korea. Anticipation runs in the air as PyeongChang holds the first Winter Games since 1998’s…

Steve Moore. Photo by Kaylan Hutchison.

Steve Moore: In it for the long run

Across from the collection of sports snacks, beyond the racks of leggings and t-shirts, and next to the display of running shoes under street signs for “Performance Drive” and “Stability…

FCA’s logo on the Hill at McDaniel’s homecoming football game. Photo courtesy of Kyle Savick.

Uniting two passions: Faith and sport

Over sixty years ago, Don McClanen founded the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). The organization’s vision statement, “Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ,”…