Articles by Emma Carter

Image by Kyle Parks.

Plan to Capture Squirrels Backfires

Squirrels are a common sight at McDaniel College: clandestinely rustling in the ivy patches outside of Hill Hall, sipping from the fountain in plain view of Physical Plant workers, fearlessly…

Campus Safety Officer Jim Brady. Photo by Mackenzie Farley.

Jim Brady, Campus Safety

McDaniel students are aware that they have a Campus Safety team looking after them. But most students don’t know who they are.  Jim Brady is one of our officers—he has…

A sampling of what you can find at the Lone Star Barbeque. Photo courtesy of the Lone Star Barbeque.

The Lone Star Barbecue

Located on Main Street in our very own Westminster, MD is the inexpensive, delicious, dine-in or take-out Lone Star Barbeque restaurant. It started in New Windsor, MD and is now behind…

Rita Webster. Photo by Lexi Corral.

Rita Webster: The Face of Englar Dining Hall

Rita Webster, Englar Dining Hall’s general manager, has several responsibilities behind the scenes that no one truly knows about. From preparing events to receiving feedback from students, to monitoring Glar throughout…


The Merchant on Locust Lane

After negotiating a highly competitive deal on the hit television series “Shark Tank,” Total Merchant Resources has opened up an office in Westminster. Total Merchant Resources (TMR for short) is…

Photo courtesy of Lauren Trainor.

McDaniel’s Top Ink Choice

Tattoos have become socially normalized, appearing on everyone from our toughest football players to our actors on stage at school musicals and plays. Many McDaniel students sport them, and they…

Professor Nigel Burdett. Photo by JP O'Connor.

Nigel Burdett: Renaissance Man

Professor Nigel Burdett has only taught at McDaniel College for two years, but his real-world stories and experiences are already leaving a lasting impression on business students. Burdett worked the…

Kasey Nelson and Griffin Mahon at the Wounded Warriors Project table. Photo by Kasey Nelson.

Why the Wounded Warrior Project?

Now that Veterans Day has passed as it does each fall, I wonder how many people actually stopped to ask themselves the same question I asked myself in September last year:…

McDaniel cadet Kyle Saffer and University of Kentucky cadet Alex Guren in Gabon during a CULP trip. Photo by Kyle Shaffer.

ROTC at McDaniel

Since 1919, the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program has been changing lives at McDaniel College. The program is proudly one of the oldest ROTC battalions in the nation,…

Keep the Bay clean. Photo by Emma Carter.

The Litter Problem

As a society in the past century, we’ve made so much progress socially, politically, and intellectually. So why is still commonplace to see litter on the street nearly everywhere you…

It's okay to take a day off. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Fotochoice Photography.

Taking “Personal Days” is Okay

Have you ever felt so overloaded with school work, clubs, meetings, and social activities that you wish you could just hide and watch Netflix all day? Admit it—yes, you have….


Ting: Faster than Fast

The Internet is used for the majority of tasks we perform in our technology-based society. We use it for our research, our restaurant reviews, and our news. Without the Internet,…

At Cinco de Mayo. From left: Fidel Alberto, Louis Hernandez, Manny Goyo, Edgardo Mejia, and Raul Alberto. Photo by James O'Connor.

McDaniel and the Restaurants of Westminster

Restaurants in the Westminster area truly benefit from the McDaniel Community. Homecoming, Spring Fling, and multiple athletic events draw large numbers of people to the Westminster area, and after these…