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Spellcheck Conspires Against Student

Starting in the fall semester of 2017, McDaniel College will no longer allow its students to use Microsoft Word: the reason being for Microsoft’s recent scandal involving spellcheck. Last month,…

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Administration Apologizes for Tuition Hikes

For years, students and their families have endured rapidly increasing postsecondary education costs. Members of the McDaniel community are no exception, with the net price of McDaniel again increasing this…


Where’s the Free Press?

Dear Free Press, For years you have provided me with a consistent source of news about Western Maryland/McDaniel, but you’ve been eerily quiet on social media and your website for weeks now….

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Letter to the Editors

I am writing this letter to the editors as someone who constantly reads your publications, but also as someone who loves McDaniel, or I mean, Western Maryland College. I bring…

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Trump Drops Out of GOP Race

Republican candidate Donald Trump has announced today that he is dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination. This comes as a shock to many since he has…

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Students Raise Concerns of Alumni Purge

While it’s widely known that only a few McDaniel grads can be particularly successful, students are now looking to the institution after the disappearances of some notable alumni. “There is…


Coch Ness Monster Sighting

This past weekend, Campus Safety Officer Miranda Wright made a surprising discovery: the Coch Ness Monster really does exist. Coch Ness is the name of the pond on the golf…


How to Raise Your Green Terror

The Green Terror (Greenus Terrorious) is an endangered species native to Westminster. McDaniel Facts scholars have been raising the McDaniel Green Terror’s newborn greenling for the last few months. In…

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Squirrel Squag’s Hoard Found

Have you lost your key or ID? Did it just disappear, seemingly from under your nose? Maintenance worker Filmore Sweepson, known to friends as Filly, discovered the reason why. “I…

A typical number of Green Terror fans filled the stands on Saturday night.

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Football Wins in Heroic Fashion

Coming off yet another disappointing season, the McDaniel football “bro squad,” as they have been dubbed, took to the field in what their one fan, Stu Padasso, called “Heroic fashion”…

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The Pickle Gets A Makeover

While students were on Spring Break, administrators and Campus Safety were working closely to give our college transportation system, lovingly known as “The Pickle,” a complete makeover. “We’re excited to…

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Yik Yak Spurs School Policy Change

A recent post on the popular social media app Yik Yak has led administration to alter current physical plant policies. Physical plant must now adhere to the same quiet hours…